Back and In Action

The phrase being said repeatedly is, "New year, new me."

2019 and thinking back to 2018 and all that has happened in those 12 short months:
We have welcomed two new members of our family, Ringo and Callisto.
My sister has brought a new godchild into our life, Marion.
We have sold our first home together and bought a second home, truly cementing our roots into the Irish Channel.

2019 and looking forward to what this new year could be:
Focusing on family and each other.
Gifting yourself with time for your needs and wants.
Blog, Blog, Blog.

We'll see where this goes, however I have a few ideas. Festivals and music throughout the city. Restaurants and photos of food. Parks and walks with the puppers. Home life and Sunday naps. Traveling and pictures of our adventures. And lots and lots of selfies.

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