Vintage: Great spot for coffee talk, drinks before dinner, and book club

A few months ago, I decided it was time to add something a little extra to my calendar that would be strictly just for me.

I had always wanted to be in a book club, but didn't know enough people close enough to me who could meet up once a month during the week. So, being a member of my neighborhood Facebook group, I decided to post about it there and see how much interest there was. Apparently it's a lot.
After a few days, we had about 74 members, and it is grown to over 90 since then.

Now granted, the same five ladies show up and participate each month, but I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a "girl's night" to just sit around and discuss whatever. Of course, we discuss the book we read and figure out our next reading material. But more than that, we each end up sharing a little bit about ourselves and the people in it. We share about our holidays, kids, pets, events we have been to or are going to soon. It has been a priceless way to get to know my neighbors... and who doesn't love wine and cheese fries!?!?

Which brings me to my favorite "me time" spot in town. Vintage. What was once Ignatius on Magazine Street, has now become a spot to wake you up in the morning, and whined you down at night.
A coffee and cocktail bar, the other draw is their amazing cinnamon and sugar beignet bites. Oh, and the AT2 cheese fries...I can't go to a book club meeting without getting some.
And then there's the wine. If I can give you anything to help you sleep better at night, it's for you to always order the 9oz glass of wine. Perfect for a book club night.

For those not only interested in a great spot for just about any time of day, but also in a fun read, I highly suggest "Ready Player One." If you've seen the movie, great. But the book is different, more intense, and more deep into 80s culture. Do yourself a favor, and pick up the book at your local library, pull it up on your Kindle, or make use of your Amazon Prime like I did.

Now that's a glass of wine

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