Miel Brewery: You'll find me at the Hatch

After 595 days, I needed a refresher and Miel Brewery and Taproom didn't disappoint.

The newest addition of micro-brewery in the Irish Channel, at 405 Sixth Street, Miel definitely knows how to treat a lady.

Game of Thrones trivia to prepare for the Season 8 premiere and Hatch & Harvest serving up some fresh-ass dishes featuring yummy hatch chiles. I mean, what else do I really need?

I will say, I am the worst at trivia, so extremely grateful for my friend, Triskell, coming to hang and kickass at trivia. I was truly there for the beer and food...and the recap. And Ringo was there for the dog biscuits.

Miel Brewery & Taproom - Bird of Paradise 10 oz

Miel Brewery released a new brew on April 5 called Bird of Paradise, and with 10.5%ABV, it definitely delivers a punch. I will say I am not particular to hops, but this brew was thirst quenching and dangerous. I get full very easily on beer, but Miel's Bird of Paradise was something I felt like I could drink all day...or at least until I pass out. So fucking good.

Without a kitchen, Miel has an ever changing food selection ranging from Asian-
fusion to Colombian cuisine. For trivia night, Hatch & Harvest was in the house serving up bomb-ass chicken, chili, and cheese eggs rolls and a fire-roasted pork and green chile cup. The flavor was beyond and so fresh. My photo of my chile cup is a joke, but it was so good I literally forgot to take a photo while it was all pretty.

Hatch & Harvest menu from April 10, 2019

Fire-Roasted Pork Green Chile Cup goodness...ahhh cilantro!

With all the new breweries popping up in and around the Irish Channel, Miel is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Fresh as the three blocks I have to walk to get to it, and working alongside pop-up small businesses cooking up some flavor-popping goodness. I'll take it.

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