Summer Sips at Commander's Palace

Summer months in New Orleans brings a lull in the service industry, so one thing we try to do is support the industry as much as we can during this slow period.

Plus, there are some hella deals for awesome food and drinks during this time too. So it's really like a win-win.

We're heading in! Wish us, and my wedges on cobblestone, luck!

Enter Commander's Palace. Famous New Orleans restaurant in the heart of the Garden District offering passed hors d'oeuvres. Plus 42 different wines to try in an hour and a half. It's basically as New Orleans wet dream.

Sips of Summer hosted at Commander's is an awesome way to beat the heat, try A LOT of wine, and order the bottles you want to take home. For June, we enjoyed a variety of "rosé sippers and Summer BBQ reds." Seven tables featuring six different was like going to a conference, walking around to each "booth," and you being totally okay being coaxed to the table. I mean, let's be real: ain't nobody had to coax me or anyone else to these tables...if anything, I probably needed to be told to "move along!" 

Following the tasting, we were able to purchase any wines we tried courtesy of Swirl Wine Bar & Market. It should be noted here that we were given a card with all the wines for each numbered as you tried, you could easily mark your favs. Now, we didn't make it for all 42...I had to keep some resemblance of not being a lush, but we did order six of our favorites. Super surprised we didn't order so many to choose from!

The next two months will bring two more tastings. Tickets are required, but are on $49 plus service fees. Forty-two different bottles to try, small bites, mingling and see where I'm going with this? Totally worth it. 

Colby enjoying this mid-week distraction.

If you're wanting to hit up the other events this Summer, (and say hey to me...cause you know I'll be there) head over to Commander's Palace's Facebook page and look at their events. The link to buy tickets is posted there. 

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This photo cracks me up...this was after lots of wine in under two hours.

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