Oldie, but a real good goodie: Hana Sushi

At any given moment, there are several restaurants opening and closing throughout the city. While that doesn't prove which spots are worth the trip and which ones you could skip, it's important to note the restaurants that stand the test of time.

If you aren't aware...it's hot as hell outside. Although we have been inclined to hibernate almost every weekend this Summer, we did manage to venture out this weekend to hit an oldie but a goodie: Hana Sushi right off Dublin Street.

Like...so hot didn't even think to get a photo of the sign outside. Sorry not sorry.

I remember going here for the first time around 2005 with a friend of mine, Lindsay. This was her favorite sushi spot while attending UNO and for good reason. It's reminiscent of a hole-in-the-wall: no frills, great service, and amazing food. After Katrina, going away to college, and trying my hand at D.C., I will say I haven't been back since then, until today.

My husband, Colby, and I play Final Fantasy online and apparently he made friends with another local and they mentioned how we needed to try this place out. As soon as he brought it up, I knew exactly what and where he was talking about. So we took a ride.

Fourteen years later, literally and thankfully not much has changed. Same decor I remember and same amazing prices. As sushi has grew in popularity, so have the prices when dining out. At Hana, the prices are reasonable and the fish is fresh. Also to be noted, my avocado in my sushi roll was ripe to perfection. It's really the little things, and when I get a piece of avocado that's not ripe enough...it kind of sucks. Pro tip for other sushi spots: wait to use the avocado until it's really READY...just do it.

We enjoyed the Crawfish Roll, Caterpillar Roll, and Philly Roll.
Of course, it wouldn't be a true New Orleans meal without a little alcohol...or a true Japanese dining experience without some sake. We are not really schooled on the different kinds of sake, but I definitely prefer cold over hot. One that we tend to purchase on the regular is Black and Gold. I mean...duh...how can we not?

Should be noted, even the bottles of sake are priced amazingly.

All in all, for a hot ass day in New Orleans, it was so worth the drive down St. Charles to Hana Sushi. So glad Colby reminded me of this spot and cannot wait to go back.

Let's see if I can get Colby to use this as his profile photo...

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