Jumped the Pond to Habanero's

After our trip to Canada, my mom had been itching to see all of our pictures and get the lowdown on our surprise adventure. And that's when the head cold of all head colds bestowed its shit on me.

Thank GOD for Mucinex. Not an ad, but I will never play around with anything else when feeling that sinus pressure come on. Hallelujah.

Now, to the reason you are here.

So mom wanted to hear all about the trip, and after feeling significantly better from this head cold, we made the trip to the Northshore from New Orleans to good ol' Mandeville.

If you know anyone from New Orleans, or the south really, then you know when you're telling a good story, you also want some good food. So off we went to Covington and to this new (to me) Mexican restaurant that my parents said was pretty good. Fresh food, clean spot, good service. I just wanted those rice and beans. Habanero's here we come.

Not only was the food memorable, so was the ambiance. So colorful and vibrant. The bar mural was beautiful and a perfect spot to watch your sports games. You should be aware happy hour is EVERY DAMN DAY, starting at 2pm.

Although I was under the weather, I couldn't pass up a cocktail. Someone, somewhere told me tequila is a probiotic. So ya know, had to get a margarita. I opted for the ginger margarita and was not disappointed. Even got a snapshot of the recipe to make at home.

As for our meals, I had three of the lamb tacos, which were tasty, but could not stop looking at my mom's plate. Unfortunately no photo to show you, but will use my words. Sitting on a bed of caramelized onions were two cheese enchiladas smothered in more cheese along with a fire-grilled chicken breast cooked to perfection. Like, it had the perfect little grill marks and everything. Mouth watering, yet?

Also recommend their chicken tortilla soup. No frills. Just the most amazingly flavored broth.

On their menu, it noted they would soon be opening up a spot in Madisonville, and I cannot help but wonder (and kind of pray) that they find their way to Magazine street in the future. I can totally see this vibe on the strip, serving up fresh foods and yummy cocktails.

Here's to hoping!

Oh, Canada...You Sure Did Surprise Me

Lake Louise

For months, Colby's parents told us we were going on a trip...but to where we did not know. Pack warm, layered clothes and a swimsuit. That was it. Oh, and hiking boots!

After an enormous amount of speculation...like, if you know me, exhaustive amount of research and Google searches looking for all the possibilities...we were told our destination a mere six hours before our flight. Jasper, Canada. Never heard of it. Geography minor from an accredited university and still no idea where in Canada we would be going.

Upon a proper search, I was shown images of hiking trails, mountains, glaciers, mountains, a castle, crystal blue lakes, oh and did I mention mountains?

So with a six-hour notice of location, we were off.

Obligatory passport photo

Oh, Canada
First stop, Calgary. The thoughtfulness of this place was something to awe at. Canada's Home on the Range, impeccably clean and with little spots of parks and gardens strewn throughout this major city.

Just a small portion of the gardens throughout Calgary

Downtown with the Needle
And then there was Monster Jam. I would have never thought how many times I would sit there, jaw open, in complete shock with what I just saw. But it happened. Now I must decide between the ever-present Grave Digger or Calgary's own Northern Nightmare. Still can't decide.

Following Canada's western front, we headed to the Banff Springs Hotel...or as I like to call it, a castle. While here, we enjoy the most amazing spa day with a mineral pool, and finish the evening at their steakhouse, 1888, tomahawk-style.

Colby walking around the Banff Springs Hotel like he owns the place

Next stop, Lake Louise. Spectacular. Really don't know how else to describe this spot because words truly could not add up to the level of peace felt here. Expansive, still, quiet, open. Just awesome. Once we knew it was time to move on, we headed to Jasper.

Lake Louise

Hey Colby

While here, the boys played golf while the girls walked the grounds. Everywhere, and I cannot stress this enough, everywhere you look is beautiful. It's some Ansel Adams shit 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Another blue lake...you're welcome

Next in Jasper, we took a gondola ride up the Jasper SkyTram. According to my mother-in-law, this is the highest gondola ride in Canada...and seeing how high we went...I totally believe her. Also, I would be lying if I told you when she told me we were going on a gondola, I didn't think it was going to be a fancy canoe. Yeah. I did that.

We're cute

Selfies in the sky

After dinner at one of Jasper's local breweries, and speaking with our waitress, Rheeanne, we decided to make a pit stop at Peyto Lake on our way back to Banff. So glad we did. Lake  Louise was beautiful, but Peyto Lake was angelic. The water was unbelievably blue. Glacier water. Something I never knew I needed to see until then. Just gorgeous.

Peyto Lake

Once we were back in Banff, it was time to do some shopping in their picturesque town. Super quaint with so many shops. Two shops that blew my mind was the sweet shoppe and a gemstone store. The sweet shoppe was something straight out of Willy Wonka and the gemstone store allowed us to add to our fluorite skull collection.

"If you want to view paradise simply look around and view it"

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries

To continue our relaxation, we took full advantage of the heated pools/springs at our condo. The view was something you would expect Robert Frost to be taking in while writing his poems.

Is this real life?
As the day came to a close, so was our trip. In seven days and six nights, we managed to see parts of Canada I never really knew existed. Some days were go, go, go and others were more slow-paced, but the entire trip was an experience I am beyond appreciative to have been given to myself and my husband. So much gratitude. And we cant wait to go back.

Home again, home again
Jiggity, jig
Although I think next time, we may be bringing some extra carry-ons.

Extra carry-on one and two

Jumped the Pond to Habanero's

After our trip to Canada, my mom had been itching to see all of our pictures and get the lowdown on our surprise adventure. And that's w...